I am a User Experience & Visual Designer with 6 years of involvement in various industries such as Aviation, Entertainment, Finance and Education.

I'm obsessed with constantly learning, curious about solving complex problems, and being an outlier who is not only a pixel pusher but also explores ways to create purposeful and impactful designs.

Currently working as UI/UX Designer for top private aviation company.

What is my approach?
Imagine a product that not only serves as a tool but also a best friend to the user?
I think every designer has the same approach - to find a better solution to any problem they are trying to solve. Personally, I believe in providing solutions that focus on usability and user experience while maintaining authenticity and creativity. I also strongly believe that collaboration, communication, research and passion are crucial to achieve the best results.

A good product starts with a thorough understanding of the problem. Communicating with users and getting their feedback helps create comprehensive models that are aligned with what users want.


When features start to pile up, it's time to trim the superfluous. I focus on encapsulating the core of the product while ensuring its serviceability and principles.


Spick-and-span design and easy-to-use interface. I strive to make them friendly so that users have no trouble acquiring new information.

UX Designer at Flexjet

At Flexjet, a world-renowned luxury private aviation company, I have applied my expertise to a diverse range of digital products, including mobile apps, web designs, and backend operations. In addition, I have been instrumental in creating never-before-seen marketing materials that showcase the opulence and refinement of our brand. Currently, I am leading a collaborative effort to develop a comprehensive design system that will ensure consistency and continuity across all of our sister brands. By collaborating closely with developers and stakeholders, I am creating an elegant and user-friendly system that enhances our brand identity and elevates the user experience. My passion for user centric design, coupled with my ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams, has enabled me to deliver innovative solutions that exceed business objectives and delight our users.

Due to the nature of my work, market competition, and NDA agreements, I am currently unable to publicly display any of my projects. However, I am more than happy to discuss my design process and experience in detail and provide a private portfolio presentation during a call or interview.

UI/UX Designer at Northeastern University

My role includes indulging myself as a specialist in User Experience and UI design on multiple projects and ensuring we provide the best digital experience to universities students, faculty, and staff.

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Venmo App Redesign

A design challenge to create a visual solution by altering the UI, user flow, and overall product experience.

Plastic Waste Solution - Digital

A comprehensive design case study with Northeastern University where the goal was to develop a solution regarding the problem of single-use plastic on University campus.

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Incluvie.com Website

A complete overhaul of the website for a startup company that deals with movie ratings based on Diversity and Inclusiveness. Major changes were made on UI to improve the Visual design and boost user experience of the product.

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Case Studies
Personal UX Challenges

As a UX enthusiast, I always look around myself and try to find problems that can be improved or need improvement (according to me). Explore some of my case studies to know why, how, and what I am talking about.

Alexa Mobile App

UX Improvement of landing screen on Alexa mobile app. Brought some components hidden inside the app to the home screen, making it straightforward for non-tech savvy users.

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Uber Trip History Page

Do you want to know your Uber trip history and find it challenging to navigate through the confusing trip history screen in the Uber app? Jump in to see my proposed solution for it.

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Automatic Meeting Scheduler

Designing a calendar flow and interface that is smart enough to suggest meeting times that account for changing time zones, helping users proactively make sure that they are always on time for their meetings.

Automatic Meeting Scheduler

Italy, a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, has left a powerful mark on Western culture and cuisine.

Automatic Meeting Scheduler

Italy, a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, has left a powerful mark on Western culture and cuisine.

Automatic Meeting Scheduler

Italy, a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, has left a powerful mark on Western culture and cuisine.

Let's travel
Uber Trip History Revamp
Schedular App
Alexa App Landing Screen
My visual design playground

Explore some of my visual design skills. It showcase my work ranging from personal projects to client projects. Either way here is a sneak-peek into it. Likes and comments are appreciated.


What I'm good at ?

With skills in over different design fields, I am well-versed in using my crafts to explore design strategies and brainstorm methodologies that can help create better usable interfaces while ensuring a great user experience.

Visual Design

Keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of design principles. My design approach is rooted in thoughtful composition, color theory, and typography.

User Centered Approach

Strong advocate for the user in all aspects of the design process. This enables me to solve problem by considering their desires, motives and pain points.

Product Stratergy

Define the product goal and value and ensure the fit between the business and the market.

Rapid Prototyping

Proficiency in rapidly prototyping designs, from initial sketches to high-fidelity interactive prototypes.

Work Experience

I have worked with....

UI/UX Designer

Currently applying my design skills to create intuitive user experiences for a luxury private aviation company, working closely with cross-functional teams.

Northeastern University
UI/UX Designer

Worked as an Experience Designer for Marketing and Communication team. Involved in building Design System and many other leading projects.

UI/ UX Developer

Worked with front-end team where my responsibility was to enhance the overall UX of CRM dashboard, mobile app and website feature.

Bombay Stock Exchange
Software Developer

Responsible for developing a member management module which served as a entry point for feeding all-stock investor data.


What my colleagues say about me?

Here are snippets from people who I have worked with in my design career.

I admire Piyush's handling of the responsibility for developing smart and outpaced design solutions that integrate with the front-end team effectively. He came up with different conceivable solutions on various development phases, pondering the business requirements with stakeholders. He is a sharp, brilliant headed person who puts much thought into his decisions, possesses a tremendous problem-solving ability and keenness to discover the recent tech.
Saugat Majumdar
Assistant General Manager - BookMyShow
Piyush has been a student in two of my digital media graduate courses at Northeastern University, Boston. Piyush is a quick learner and is actively engaged in expanding his skills and experience in the digital space. His work is well developed, thoroughly researched, delivered in timely fashion while exceeding expectations. He has been an asset to the class, sharing ideas and open to collaboration. Piyush is highly dependable and professional, and would be a valuable asset or employee in any organisation.
Norbert Florendo
Digital & Integrated Producer - Creative Consultant
Piyush is an exemplary designer and leader. He enthusiastically jumped into our large and complex experiential design challenge. He was a quick study, absorbing and applying design thinking methodologies and techniques to solve the problem, conducting additional and diverse human-centered research strategies. Working on a large multi-phased project, he demonstrated impressive design skills, market intuition, the right project and time management, and professionalism. Piyush had a solid foundation in UI/ UX. He identifies the nature of the challenge, considers possible design strategies, and implements practical next steps. Piyush is a talented and accomplished designer who would be a great asset to any design team.
Gretchen Ulrich
Senior Director, Corporate Experiential Learning at Northeastern University

Know my story

My interest in technology and how it intersects with human behavior has basically brought me to design. No matter what I'm working on, I try to consider how and what I'm helping to design, and always investigate how it benefits the user.

Working in design industry has encouraged me to solve digital problems that improve user experience and productivity. I have gained clarity on how a product lifecycle and customer's journey can be influenced by a clear and concise visual experience.I am constantly trying to learn new and more meaningful ways to solve problems that can help me transform my ideas into a real and engaging experience. I strongly believe that a designer should have a great patience to listen, empathize and iterate storytelling along with good craft skills to produce an impactful design.

When I'm not designing or doing something creative, I try to find creativity with my camera and capture moments that inspire me. Otherwise, I burn off my invisible fat, hiking or playing outdoor sports.
Lose a hobby. Gain a passion.

I am a passionate and self-taught photographer ‚ÄĒ specialized in wedding, pre-wedding, maternal shoots. I shoot for corporate events and conferences as well. But most of time, just for fun!!

My goal is to capture the best moments that you can cherish, resulting in a lifetime of memory. Since you have scrolled this much, give your eyes a visual therapy  - check out some of my latest that came out of my camera roll!